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About Us :

Say Hello to the Exqusitive Curation of Freshness and Organicity with Growzo!

We at Growzo provide you with the purest selection of more than 200 fruits and vegetables that are highest-quality-grade, organic, and chemical-free.

  • Diversity for Quality

We travel to different regions of our nation and select goods from its most genuine and natural sources.

  • Dedicated Partners

Our chemical-free, natural products are sourced from devoted producers who follow organic farming procedures.

  • Ethical Conduct

We collaborate with moral producers and growers, whose methods we personally research at the point of production.

  • Medical Education

We support the dissemination of information about the many advantages of natural and organic products.

An Introduction

Growzo is a conscious effort towards providing ethically grown fruits and vegetables that are handpicked right from the farms, treated with O3 and gerontological packing to get delivered to your doorsteps. We are a distinctive farm-to-kitchen service that supplies fresh produce from vetted farmers to consumers' to ensure optimum health benefits.

Now, customers can simply order high-quality, farm-fresh vegetables from the Growzo app to be delivered to their homes, skipping the unnecessary inconveniences of supermarket queues, crowded local Sabzi markets, and traffic jams. Growzo is a one-stop-shop for all your seasonal, regional, as well as exotic fruits or vegetable needs. Remember, each piece delivered to you has been checked by our quality experts before packaging. Growzo takes your health and safety a notch higher with its special O3 treatment given before packaging that prevents contamination from both pathogens and chemical contaminants.

Our motto is to ensure that only the freshest fruits and veggies are farm-picked, especially for you. In this world full of chemicals and harshness, we want to be the saviors, safeguarding the freshness and organicity of each fruit and veggie that you consume. Every packet delivered to your home is sealed with the promise of quality!

Growzo ensures that the power to choose the best lies in the hands of the consumers, empowering them by bridging the gap between farmers and them. Our customers are our masters, and we pledge to offer them the comfort of getting the highest-quality fruits and veggies in a couple of clicks!

The Growzo app has simplified product selection and payment methods with the ease of ordering. And, we will continue to provide exceptional service at competitive costs so you can Breathe, Live, and Eat Fresh!

What makes Growzo your perfect freshness delivery partner?

  • We have direct ties with local farmers across the state who are vetted and monitored throughout they grow your fruits and veggies.
  • No-cost home delivery 
  • Many delivery windows
  • Competitive daily costs depending on the season.
  • Widest range of options to choose from
  • Payment flexibility with multiple payment methods.
  • Greatest deals that are not to be missed out on.
  • Every consumer good is listed on the printed bill.
  • Precise weighing and standardized pricing across the range.
  • Special O3 treatment like no other competitor.
  • Gerontological packaging that keeps your produce fresh for longer.



Growzo aims to become a symbol of purity and trust, turning to be the most dependable and favored platform for purchasing vegetables and fruits. Each one of us has the right to have access to the freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables that are organically grown and chemical free. And, we are herald to deliver the same!

In order to give better client experiences and the greatest level of service, Growzo looks forward to supplying every home in this city with the highest-quality food goods that are packed with nutrients and health benefits.

Mission and Objectives

The greatest wealth is one's health!

Fresh fruits and vegetables should rule your everyday diet to keep your heart and overall health in good shape. Each member of the Growzo team feels the weight of this responsibility on their stout shoulders, promising to provide clients with nothing but the best.

Growzo consistently strives to uphold the highest standards in production, packaging, and sourcing in order to ensure the product's freshness and quality. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with a wide selection range of affordable fresh fruits and veggies. The basic objective of the Growzo team is to make your vegetables and fruits shopping experience much easier, flexible, and, most importantly, reliable.

What Makes Growzo's Organic Products better?

  • Pure Ingredients

Pesticides that are the most dangerous and synthetic are not used in organic farming. Protein and chlorophyll levels in the crop are decreased as a result of pesticide damage. And, we do not allow our sourcing farms to indulge in any sort of toxicity or pesticide abuse.

  • Chemical and GMO-Free Farm

The soil, water, turf, and vegetation, can all be contaminated by pesticides and genetically engineered organisms. Pesticides can be poisonous to a variety of different creatures, including birds and fish, in addition to harming insects or weeds. So, it not only harms humans but other creatures on and around the farms. Growzo understands the moral duty towards mother earth and hence takes stringent methods to avoid all these!

  • Controls the amount of nitrogen that enters water bodies

Fertilizers used in traditional farming methods primarily contain nitrogen as a component. When nitrogen is applied to cropland, it winds up in river bodies, where it pollutes the water and severely disturbs the aquatic life there. We at Growzo not only protect our green lusters but also save the world of blue!

  • Preserves the environment.

Organic products don't have a negative impact on the environment, especially the soil, water, and air, because they employ naturally grown components devoid of poisonous pesticides and fertilizers.


Why Choose Growzo?

  • Organic Fertilizers

Growzo farms use organic fertilizers that help to retain nutrients, strengthen soil structure, enable carbon fixation in the substrate, and increase a crop's capacity to absorb water.

  • Healthy Eating

Food grown organically is rich in minerals, including Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, and helps lower health hazards.

  • Packed with More Nutrients

Foods that are organic are generally more nutrient-dense since they contain vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, lean protein, and healthy fats.

  • GMO-Free

The term "GMO-Free" refers to an organism that has not had its genetic makeup altered in order to make it suitable for human consumption. With no chemical additives, Growzo crops are GMO-free.


Freshness Delivered to Your Doorstep!

Even in the large stores in your neighborhood, some veggies or exotic fruits are difficult to find even though fresh vegetables should be a part of every meal.

However, the convenience of shopping online from Growzo allows clients to order premium quality vegetables from the comfort of their homes and enjoy them right away. They are delivered right from the farms, making them crunchy, healthy, and tasty!

While market staples like beets, amlas, green peas, and broccoli are readily available, Growzo makes grocery shopping simpler by having their fresh produce delivered in first-rate bundles directly to your house. Geographical boundaries are readily overcome across all major areas of the city, thanks to our extensive delivery network, providing you with the benefit of fresh fruits and veggies every time.


The Promise of Purity.

Everyone's daily food intake is primarily composed of fruits and vegetables. However, due to a variety of factors, not everyone has access to fresh and healthful fruits and vegetables. Many merchants end up with decaying raw foods or foods exposed to pesticides and other radicals due to harmful farming practices, storage procedures, and logistics.

With our elaborate network represented by our online store, Growzo is all set to change the dynamics, promising to deliver the highest quality products to your door, eliminating all the hard work to travel to shops for purchases.

Along with your typical local food, you can purchase various seasonal items from Growzo's online store, including asparagus, broccoli, drumsticks, white onions, and more. Even in the event of regular delivery, there is no doubt about the product's freshness when it is brought to you. Fresh and easily accessible vegetables like banana stem and banana blossom, which are utilized in unique cuisines, may be purchased online at Growzo.


Packaging that Redefines Freshness

Maintaining the freshness of your fruits and vegetables depends heavily on the packaging. If not treated properly, green leafy vegetables, for instance, are easily susceptible to rotting. Concerns over packaging and hygienic conditions can be put on hold while shopping online from Growzo.

Whether it's lettuce, cauliflower, or another type of fruit or vegetable, the packing is precise and of the highest caliber. The best materials are used to pack vegetables that are prone to quick spoiling, such as mushrooms and sprouts, with the utmost care.


Variety that Declares Diversity

On Growzo, you may find the hugest selection of fresh fruits and veggies, including red cabbage, drumstick leaves, and the rarest of fruits and vegetables. Along with quality, we also think that everyone should have access to freshness, so when you purchase with us online, you'll find very affordable prices.


Seamlessness is Upheld

Whether you select standard or express delivery, quality is never compromised. Your product will be sent to you as soon as it is picked up from the farm, giving it a high degree of nutrition.

You no longer need to spend hours meticulously selecting each vegetable or fruit from aisles of piled products. We will handle all the hard work for every step of the procedure for you. Before delivering each order, we at Growzo carefully choose it, clean it well, and wrap it in the best packaging material that retains its freshness for the longest.

Purchase your fruits and vegetables online right now from the comfort of your couch, and your order will be delivered to your door in the shortest possible time span. Keep an eye out for fantastic specials, deals, and value packs when you shop with us online. By completing your daily dose of freshness shopping from Growzo, you can save time, money, and effort. So, make Growzo your first pick when shopping online for fruits and veggies.


Delivering Big Smiles

Growzo makes its product selections with the same care that you do. Fruits and veggies from our online store arrive at your home on the day you place your purchase after being properly sorted, rigorously cleaned, and carefully packed. Growzo delivers fresh fruits and vegetables in Pune, PCMC, and the majority of other important Indian cities.


Sprouts & Fresh Cuts

Take advantage of cuts, sprouts, fresh herbs, and seasonings to avoid the effort of soaking and sprouting grains or prepping produce. At Growzo, we also sell organic fruit and crunchy sprouts.

By selecting from our basket of already cut and cleaned fruits and veggies, you may save the time and work it takes to make food.

Simply add the pre-cut vegetables to your wok for a light and nutritious supper as we get them delivered to you in a jiffy.


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